AM/PM Challenge Post-Game Commentary
Last Thursday, my thirty day AM/PM Prayer Challenge ended.  After all the thought and preparation that went into it, this challenge proved to be far easier than I anticipated.  I’d like to think it was my general awesomeness that enabled it to be a success but I’d be wrong.  Granted, I did put some thought into my personality and applied some organizational tricks I’ve learned like color coding and hand-writing my prayer cards.  But the reality is, “it is you, O Lord, who have accomplished all that I have done.”

God was definitely with me on this challenge.  More accurately, He’s always with me, and my prayer challenge helped me to be more aware of that.  Starting the day with prayer helped both ground me in the present moment and focus me on my priorities for the day.  When I ended the day in prayer it helped me to put aside the concerns of the day so that I could sleep knowing that I was protected and taken care of.  Did God change during the last 30 days because of my prayer?  No.  But, I certainly did.  After all, prayer doesn’t change God, it changes us.